Street noise keeps neighbors awake in Southwest Philly

Residents in Southwest Philadelphia are fed up with the noise on their street.

Ellis Gilliam says road conditions and truck noise along a stretch of Lindbergh Boulevard outside his house in Southwest Philadelphia have gotten so bad, he can barely sleep at night.

"I guess for the last month, I haven't really slept a good night," Gilliam told FOX 29 Monday evening. "Really disturbing. I can't take it no more."

Gilliam's been living here for 20 years. He's put up with truck noise the whole time, but this year it's particularly bad due to potholes, construction work and deterioration of the road surface. He says the noise is unbearable.

"I can feel the whole house shake. I can be sitting in the chair and feel the chair like shaking," he said. "It sound like a truck falling off a building. Really and that's all night long.

Gilliam lives in the 6100 block of Lindbergh. He says huge bumps, filled and unfilled potholes and lumps in the roadway make driving here hazardous as we saw while video taping this story. He's called the city's 3-1-1 hotline and streets department multiple times.

"I've done it several times. Ain't done no good. Might as well talk to that truck sitting there," Gilliam exlained.

Ironically, just three blocks south at 64th street all the way to Island Avenue and beyond the entire roadway has been repaved and repainted--smooth as silk on this section.

"I pay taxes, been paying taxes. Ain't just like I moved here yesterday or something," he said. "Repave the bad spots in the street. I think that would help a lot."

We emailed the mayor's office and they got right on it. They contacted PGW and the streets department. A spokesman for PGW says they're finishing up several projects along there and promised to make at least temporary repairs as soon as possible.