Students use winnings from FOX 29's 'The ClassH-Room' to help others

Students from a middle school in Montgomery County are showing what it means to be real winners after their victory over their teachers on FOX 29's 'The ClassH-Room.'

Students and teachers who come out of the ClassH-Room victorious can spend their winnings on their school, or they can look outward at their community and invest the money there.

The students from Dock Mennonite Academy Middle School in Souderton took their cash and headed to a local discount store. There, they bought hundreds of dollars' worth of cleaning supplies, household items, and personal care products.

The kids chose the Keystone Opportunity Center in Souderton as the recipient of their purchases, as well as a $250 check.

Keystone helps hundreds of families in the area, with everything from housing assistance and adult literacy, to a more fully stocked food pantry, thanks to the students.

The kids learned that those on government assistance are restricted in what they can buy with their stamps, which impacted their decisions at the store.

After using their heads to win a contest, these students used their hearts to spread the benefits to as many as possible.