Suspect sought for exposing himself to young girls in Bethlehem

Police in Bethlehem are searching for a man accused of exposing himself to young girls in the area.

Bethlehem police released a photo of the cigarette-smoking driver inside a red Chevy who approached two young girls on two separate occasions last week.

The first incident happened Friday, July 6, outside Yashko Park.

The girls, ages six and eight, say that once he got their attention, he exposed and touched himself in front of them.

"It's very important to the kids to come over here, you know, get wet. You know, the swimming pool over here. It's very scary," said one mom.

The other incident happened two days later, less than a mile away, outside of J.R. Suarez's front door, near 7th and Lynn Streets.

"It's crazy. People are crazy. The situation is crazy," said Suarez.

The man reportedly exposed himself and drove down an alley.

Now, some local parents are restricting their children from leaving the house at night.

"My kids are never outside by themselves. If I'm outside, they are outside. But, not by themselves," Suarez said.

Some neighbors say they've seen the car and the driver before.

"Very disturbing. Especially how close I've seen him to my own property," one neighbor added.

Police are combing through other surveillance cameras and only have a vague description of a middle-aged Hispanic man. Parents are being told to be on the lookout.

Police say they are working on several leads that have come in since they released the picture.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Bethlehem police at 610-997-7976.