Suspect wanted after pouring bleach on customer at Target

Wilmington, Del. (WTXF) Delaware state police say a suspect poured bleach on a customer inside the Wilmington Target on Brandywine Parkway after an argument over a shopping cart last week. A 1-year-old child in the cart was also struck with the bleach.

Customer Jaime Childress shops at the Target once a week with her little girl in tow. Like several shoppers FOX 29 spoke with Jaime says she had not heard about the bizarre incident until we told her.

State police say it was just before 6 last Thursday evening when the suspect seen in a surveillance still began an argument with a 24-year-old woman who she accused of blocking a target aisle with her shopping cart. Authorities say the victim then moved her cart to let woman pass, but instead of calming down that's when the suspect allegedly jammed the victim's cart with her own causing another argument. According to police, the suspect then dumped a bottle of bleach on the victim and splashed the baby.

"People need to chill out and relax in this country. We've gotten so wound up in ourselves people don't seem to care anymore. It's a shame," said customer Mark Prickett.

Customer Mark Prickett says this Target is busy but normally quiet. Police say cameras didn't pick up the actual incident. Shoppers are troubled by this alleged assault.

The customer and child are expected to be OK.