Video: Two teens, 14 and 16, shot while walking down Philadelphia street

Authorities say two young teenagers were shot while walking down a Philadelphia street Thursday night by a gunman who got out of a vehicle. Friday morning, police released surveillance video of the incident as they continue to search for a suspect and the vehicle he was in.

Officers from the Philadelphia Police Department were called to the intersection of 54th and Willows streets around 5 p.m. for reports of a gunfire. 

Police found a 16-year-old boy shot once in the side of the head and a 14-year-old suffering from a gunshot wound to the body, according to investigators. 

The older teen was brought to Penn Presbyterian Hospital and placed in critical condition, police said. The 14-year-old is expected to recover from his injuries. 


Captain John Walker said investigators believe the teens were innocently walking down the street when someone got out of a white Dodge Charger vehicle and opened fire.

Philadelphia police are looking for a white Dodge Charger with unique features. 

"It's frustrating, it's hard for all of us, but we gotta continue to push forward," Walker said about the continuing gun violence. 

He called on parents to help by stepping up to have "tougher conversations about what a gun is and what a gun means." 

"When you fire these guns, it's going to have devastating results," Walker said. "As parents we have a responsibility to handle your children."