Suspects Sought in Northeast Philadelphia Home Invasion Robbery

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)Northeast Detective Division is asking for the public's assistance to identify and locate the suspects wanted for a robbery and home invasion. The victim spoke to FOX 29.

Police say the suspects strolled into a Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon and within minutes they were breaking down the front door of a three story home on Philmont Terrace. That's when the 79-year-old homeowner came to see what was going on.

"One guy go to upstairs looking for money. The other kept me downstairs," the homeowner told FOX 29.

The owner was still startled Monday night, but his longtime companion spoke with FOX 29 about the terrifying ordeal. She says the victim, a Ukrainian immigrant, fought back as best he could when they threatened to lock him in a closet.

"He struggles with them and that's when they grab a knife off the kitchen counter and put it to his throat," said Lt. Rosenbaum.

While one suspect held the victim, the other, believed to be in his 20s, went through a bedroom on the third floor and stole cash and jewelry. The two men then fled, according to police.

"It's heinous to do that to a 79-year- old guy is just incomprehensible," said Northeast Detectives Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum.

The victim and his companion say they believe the same suspects tried to break into the house and a neighbor's home two days earlier.

Private surveillance cameras in the neighborhood captured video of the two suspects as the came and went from the home invasion robbery. Police are not sure if the robbery was random or the victim was targeted.

"We think people might recognize them or their clothing and lead us in the right direction," Lt. Rosenbaum explained.

The victim suffered bumps and bruises on his hands and arms, but was otherwise unhurt. He has now installed an alarm system.

If you have any information about this crime or these suspects, please contact: Northeast Detective Division 215-686-3153/3154 Det. Allen#656 DC 15-07-029554.