DA: Teen charged after off-duty Philadelphia officer carjacked at gunpoint, car found torched

A 15-year-old is being accused of stealing the car of an off-duty Philadelphia officer after threatening him with a handgun.

Police responded to several calls for a carjacking, shots fired and a crash on the 5600 block of Pentridge Street on June 17.

The officer told police he was parking his car when an armed suspect stopped him, took keys from his pocket and stole his car.

Officials say the teen suspect, who was reportedly working with an adult, held the officer at gunpoint and removed him from the car.

The officer then fired seven shots into his car as the teen suspect fled, according to officials. He suffered a gunshot wound to the hand, and sought treatment at a local hospital.

Hours later, the stolen car was found engulfed in flames near the 5900 block of Delancey Street. Officials declared the fire an arson.


The teen suspect has been charged with carjacking, conspiracy, theft and other related offenses. He was reportedly under Montgomery County court supervision at the time of his arrest.

Police are still looking for the alleged adult co-conspirator, as well as the suspect weapon.