Teen Recovering After Stray Bullet Pierced His Neck Outside Rec Center

A prayer vigil was held on Wednesday night for a teen who is recovering after he was struck by a stray bullet outside a rec center.

"Today, we're excellent. Two days ago we weren't good at all," said Iris DaCosta. She and her husband Jonathan say after what happened to their 16-year-old son Jonathan Jr. his recovery is a miracle.

"He's doing excellent. He's up. He's walking and he's out of ICU. He's in the trauma unit now," said the boy's father.

He showed us video of Jonathan in physical therapy walking for the first time just days after a stray bullet pierced his neck when gunfire erupted Sunday night. It happened at Daniel Rumph Recreation Center while Jonathan was there with his sister and two cousins playing basketball. He ran home and collapsed.

"He said his arm went numb. His left arm went numb and then when he got home the blood was dripping and he just passed out," said Jonathan Sr. Wednesday evening the pastor of Triumph Baptist Church in Nicetown where Jonathan and his family are active members led a prayer circle for the teen and as a call to stop violence in the city.

"We've got to rally around getting laws passed that will keep people from having access to guns because that's where you get your killings and violence comes from," said Pastor James Hall, Jr. The circle embraced the DaCosta family who says they're making it on their faith and through prayer.

"The power of prayer is an awesome thing and we're so grateful for everyone who stood in the gap and prayed with us and for our son," said Iris.

"We don't want to see this happen to anybody because I never want to go through that type of pain again. It was the roughest thing I've ever endured but thank God he's a live today," said Jonathan Sr.

The teen is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow.

The man responsible is a Corrections Officer. Police say he turned himself in after the shooting and has been charged. He was allegedly shooting at another man he was arguing with when Jonathan was hit.