Teen With Down Syndrome Surprises Girl With Adorable Homecoming Proposal

(INSIDE EDITION)- A teen with Down syndrome surprised a friend with a homecoming proposal that is capturing hearts across the country.

Eighteen-year-old April Clark, who also has Down syndrome, was sitting in the cafeteria at her California high school when her friend Sean Boots, 15, presented her with a banner and flowers to ask her to the homecoming dance.

Sean's banner read: "April, it would be sweeet if you went to HC with me."

Students in the quad at Esperanza High in Anaheim busted into applause and cheers for the two.

April's sister, Melissa, captured the moment and posted it on Twitter. It has more than 9 million views on Facebook and more than 50,000 tweets and retweets.

April is already excited for the dance. She even purchased a dress and her makeup. Her mom told the OC Register: "She's never had a boy ask her to a dance. She was over the moon."

Sean and April have been friends for years and have both been involved in the Special Olympics, but the pair have grown closer since attending the same high school.

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