Temple student refurbishing basketball courts around city

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) A Temple student started what he calls 'The Net Project' which aims at refurbishing basketball courts around the city.

The familiar sound of a basketball pounding the court in this North Philly neighborhood. But there's a signature sound of the game that's missing.

"When I make the shot and I hear that swish I'm like ah yes! These kids here something different," said Nick Aninsman, a junior at Temple University. He lives near the courts behind Duckery Elementary School on Diamond Street and can't believe the condition of the courts.

"I saw that there was no nets, no rims and the basketballs they were using were like nothing and they were still playing," he said.

Nick showed us what he's talking about. We counted four worn, barely usable backboards on the school's courtyard. And a few feet away, six of the Park and Rec's full courts for neighborhood use looked the same.

"My goal was $125 ," he said. Nick set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to refurbish the courts.

"In about five minutes, I was at $130, an hour later I was at like $300 and two hours later I was at $400. By the time I went to bed, it was 550 dollars."

In just three days people donated $1,035.

"The catch is the kids that's what it is," he said.

Donald Reese was out playing ball with neighborhood kids when we told him about Nick's project.

"You give them a good playing field, good nets, good environment, a good basketball and they're out here having fun," said Reese.

Nick says the principal at Duckery was excited to hear what he's doing and that budget problems make it difficult to maintain things like this.

"These kids will have something that I've grown up having and the fact that I see how easy it is to get it, I'm going to feel so happy," he said.

Nick plans to order the parts this weekend and have them installed next week so kids come back from spring break to spruced up courts. He says he's raised enough money to also replace basketball hoops around the city. He's still accepting donations. To donate, please click here.