'Theo is home!' Dog stolen from car in Philadelphia Wawa parking lot finally found after 18 days

Theo is finally back home where he is supposed to be, and getting all the love he deserves!

Natalie Ciervo and Matt Berk have been frantically searching for their 2-year-old rescue Theo after they say he was stolen from their car in a Wawa parking lot over two weeks ago.

The Fishtown couple believe their car was locked when they ran inside a Port Richmond Wawa and returned to find Theo gone. They immediately called police and searched for hours.

A city-wide search for Theo unfolded with thousands of fliers posted and circulated around social media. 

Eighteen days and several sightings later, the search was finally successful!


"THEO IS HOME!!!!" was posted to Instagram Saturday night with the adorable dog in the arms of his relieved and thankful owner.

The post went on to say, "18 excruciating days that we only survived because of the community that rallied around us to help bring him home."

Details surrounding the reunion have yet to be released, but Theo's owners say they will post an update soon.