Therapy dog visits West Chester University to help relieve stress during finals week

A therapy dog is helping to ease the stress during finals week at West Chester University.

A 3-year-old Norfolk Terrier named Schroeder brought smiles to students cramming for exams at the Francis Harvey Green Library on Wednesday.

A therapy dog helped ease stress during finals week.

"I have two projects and three finals so I'm excited to finish it, but it's very, very stressful," senior  Charnel Thompson told FOX 29's Bruce Gordon.

Rebecca Weaner is a senior. She is preparing for medical school.

"Having a few moments to pet a dog and take a moment to forget about my studies, it helps me calm down," she explained.

Taylor Buda has a final Wednesday and two more on Thursday.  This is just what she needed.

 "I literally get this level of stress lifted off my shoulders. I feel it's just like my dog at home," Buda explained. 

For dog handler Pam Manning, the appeal of a small, furry animal to stressed out students is simple.

"Love.  He loves everybody and the fact that they can pet him and relax means the world," she said.

The therapy dog program began at West Chester University with one dog eight years ago. Now, it's a regular feature on campus with a lot of dogs involved.
In a world in which suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, a few minutes to decompress can literally help save lives.


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