'This part of the city needs help': Photographers lead effort to fight drug addiction in Kensington

Allan Ali and Corey Harriston have captured life on the streets of Kensington in countless photos. Now the local photographers want to use their talents to make a bigger impact on a neighborhood in need.

"It just doesn't feel comfortable for me to continue to drive through this area, walk through this area, catch the train, pass this area, and do nothing about it," Ali said.

While many are aware of the drug addiction that plagues certain sections of Kensington, seeing its effects is completely different - and for Harriston it's personal.

"My little cousin passed away two years ago from an overdose of fentanyl," he said. "So it kind of hit home for me."

Ali and Harriston have been telling Kensington's story through their gift of photography, sharing the powerful images on social media.

"Show people what it really looks like down here. Because everybody I feel like the city ignores this part of the city," Harriston said. "This city, this part of the city needs help."


The initial goal was to raise awareness. However, after hearing people's struggles, the photographers decided to initiate change by raising funds with their photos.

"It's heartbreaking when you hear someone say to you, we have enough money to send people to space," Ali said. "We have enough money to build bombs, you know? Well, we ignored it. We just walk past it."

Any money raised by those moved by the pictures will go directly to addiction counseling programs.  They know it’s a small gesture, but it’s these small collective steps that can make a real difference, for goodness’ sake.

To purchase a photo, or donate to the cause, visit their Instagram page.