Philadelphia DA urges people to come forward with information on violent crime, says 'We need your help'

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is urging people to come forward with information on violent crime after another weekend in the city plagued by multiple deadly incidents. 

On Friday night, twelve people were shot in at least six different shootings across the city, including a pregnant woman. 

Violence continued throughout the weekend when a man was shot multiple times in Kensington and a crash that left two dead and multiple others injured in West Philadelphia. 

During his weekly gun crimes update on Monday, Krasner said, as of August 14, the city has had 344 homicides compared to 336 this time last year. 

Between August 4 and August 10, there were 11 homicides and 33 nonfatal shootings, Krasner said. 


Krasner ended his portion of the press conference by urging people to come forward with information on violent cases. 

"It shouldn't have to be said, but I'm [going to] say it anyway. Please come forward," he said. "If you have information, we need your help. The Philadelphia Police Department needs your help. They need you to come forward." 

Krasner said his office is working to ensure that the right people pay the price for committing crimes. 

"We need your help. We need your help to make sure that there is justice for victims, that there is safety in the streets and that means we need you to come forward and give information," Krasner said. 

He said his office is will work with police and federal agencies to make sure people who come forward are protected.