Thousands participate in the Broad Street Run for 2021

A Philadelphia favorite returns after the pandemic put it on hold last year. 

The Broad Street Run looked quite a bit different this year but still went off without a hitch.

Changes included different routes and ending near the stadiums and not at the traditional Navy Pier. It was also less than half the size of a normal race with 17,000 (fully-vaccinated) runners taking part in the nations largest 10 miler.

For runners like Joe Reilly, it was a personal record breaking kind of day. 

"This by far, has been my best year so far. I think the route change was actually pretty cool I liked it. Usually when you get to this point, head into the navy yard it takes for ever it seems like so this seemed pretty easy peasy," said Reilly.

For others, the run proved to be an opportunity to do something they’ve never tried before. 

"I’ve never done it before, it’s my first time. It was really good, ran really fast felt really good. I’ve never run 10 miles before so yes very much so," said Jackson Marshall.

While the runners deserve all the credit, and snacks, and medals for their accomplishments, we can't forget the hundreds of volunteers who helped put this event together with several changes including a new route and no spectator areas. 

"Volunteers are incredible we were here I was here four o’clock in the morning setting us up for 6 o’clock I had about 50 volunteers and they set everything else up. Look at the way to hand out the bags way to get the medals out the greeting everybody with a smile it’s incredible," said Kilcullen.



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