Tourists flock to North Wildwood to view Jersey shore damage

High tide after a Nor'Easter becomes an attraction for people down in North Wildwood, New Jersey.

"We always come up to the inlet to see the water coming up over water at high tide. The fun thing to do. Not a lot to do this time of year down here," Donna Gatto said.

Gatto and her husband of Drexel Hill were two of the many people who stopped by the sea wall to take pictures of strong, choppy waves crashing over the concrete barrier Saturday morning, March 3.

"We like to see the storms and so we decided to stay and here. It's worse at home than it is here. We don't have any power back home. Our neighbor told us our power is out until Sunday night at 11 p.m. So, we're not going home. Just gonna stay here," Gatto explained.

She said it was really windy overnight, with wind gusts reaching 71 miles per hour. Kate McKernan shot video in Cape May of an entire roof blowing off of a building. Similar storm damaged happened in North Wildwood. Wind ripped a rubber roof of the 1900 Boardwalk Condominium complex. Large junks of material landed on the boards and the beach. Repair crews quickly cleaned up the debris. Beach erosion is another concern that local officials will have to assess. One thing that wasn't so bad this time around: back bay flooding. All in all, people at the shore say they feel spared, compared to the widespread damage and outages in the Philadelphia area.