Tourists Show Off Their Bruises After Elephant Crashes Their Brunch

Zimbabwe-(INSIDE EDITION)-American tourists on a safari vacation in Zimbabwe got the shock of their lives when an elephant wildly knocked them out of their seats.

Shane Wolf and his wife Deneen of Long Beach, California, were eating brunch when the uninvited guest showed up.

At first, they weren't too worried. Desheen told INSIDE EDITION, "They had told us, 'Elephants walk around. If they get too close to you, don't be alarmed.'"

Minutes earlier, another elephant had wandered up, looking for fallen pea pods, but peacefully walked on.

Then a brazen elephant approached. The tourists sat there rigidly; the guides had warned them to stay totally still.

"I put my head down. You could see we're starting to get nervous giggles," Shane told IE.

Suddenly, Shane's brother-in-law, Steven, got clobbered by the elephant.

Shane said, "I heard Steven get tossed and I'm just like, 'Oh boy, I don't really have time to react.'"

Then it was Shane's turn to be walloped. Deneen said, "Our adrenaline was pumping. We were definitely in shock."

The impact left a big bruise on Shane's hip. "I'm expecting there to be blood and a gash," said Deneen.

Shane showed IE the bruise that still remained. It was quite the vacation video to share with the rest of the world!