Video: Tow truck driver walks to find help after he was shot in Southwest Philadelphia

A Philadelphia tow truck driver is in the hospital after he was shot during an attempted robbery. 

FOX 29 has since obtained video of the tense moments that unfolded as Sallieu Sesay, 40, rang the doorbell of a family member who lived nearby as he searched for help. 

Philadelphia Police say three masked teenagers attempted to rob Sesay around 11 p.m. Monday night. 

Sesay was walking down the street after parking his truck near the 2100 block of South 72nd Street in South Philadelphia. 

During the attempted robbery, Sesay tried to get away and was shot several times. With gunshot wounds to the arms, leg, and stomach, he managed to make his way to the home of a family member that lived nearby. 

Doorbell video shows Sesay limping up to the door, knocking, and quickly examining his injuries. Luckily, his family members were home and able to help him.


"I got shot, I got shot," he can be heard saying as his family answers the door. 

Sesay’s family says he worked as a rideshare driver and recently purchased the tow truck to work as an independent operator. 

"He’s doing his job," explained his mother, Isha Sesay. "Hardworking father just trying to support his children, that’s all." 

Investigators tell FOX 29 the vehicle on Sesay’s truck at the time of the shooting was repossessed from Delaware County earlier in the night, and they don’t believe there’s any connection to the shooting. 

"We’ll pray and hope that everything will be alright," Sesay’s mother added. "If they’re able to find any way for them to stop it, Republican, Democrat, all of them should come together and stop this violence."

Police say the investigation is active and ongoing.