Trenton community on lockdown due to barricade situation

It's been 15 hours and counting and it isn't getting any easier for neighbors in one Trenton community on lockdown. The deadly day-long standoff turned into night as Trenton police continue to negotiate with an armed man holed up in a home.

"There is some communications with the individual trying to talk him down and talk him out," said Trenton mayor Eric Jackson.

It all started around 6:20 a.m. Wednesday morning when a man opened fire on U.S. marshals as they tried to serve a warrant on the 300 block of Centre Street. Officers retreated. A video circulating online shows a still unidentified man crawling towards police on his hands and knees. The video shows that man being shot. It's still unknown if police fired those fatal shots.

"We did have an individual that was struck during the gunfire and he is currently deceased," said Trenton Police Lt. Stephen Varn.

Negotiators were in all day communication with the suspect, including a robot sent to deliver a phone to him.

The entire Trenton neighborhood has been put on lockdown. Police evacuated nearby homes. At one point, a 7-year-old boy who lives nearby was found hiding alone in his house for hours before being reunited with his parents.

Tonight, evacuated neighbors are getting anxious wondering when they'll be able to get back into their homes.

Three Trenton police officers were injured by projectiles in this incident. We're told they suffered only minor injuries.