Trick-or-treaters celebrate Halloween 2020 style, amid coronavirus protocols

Halloween 2020 will be remembered as a Halloween like no one has ever seen before. People tried to enjoy the holiday as best they could, masks, social distancing and all.

“Today’s a special day where I really get candy,” stated a young monster.

“It’s Halloween! It’s Halloween!”

As usual, the creatures, the princess and skeletons have a candy favorite.

“I like Twix!” remarked one trick-or-treater.

“I like M&Ms!” exclaimed a skeleton.

“Ummmmm yummmmm chocolate!” exclaimed a young dinosaur.

“I like cheese balls, too,” Spider Man said.

But, the way the creatures and princesses and skeletons and Spider Man get their candy, or cheese balls, has changed.

“I like the tube. They slide the candy through so we don’t have to touch it,” the young trick-or-treater stated.


At the Franklin Institute, candy slides down a tube at different front doors.

“We wanted to do something in a contained area where we can know the safety and they like all the shows,” Meriam Harris remarked.

Dozens of families chose to spend the day trick-or-treating inside, since they were worried about the rising number of COVID cases.

“Of course we are all concerned about coronavirus, but wanting the kids to have fun and stay safe at the same time, so this was just the perfect opportunity to do that,” one mom explained.


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Over in South Jersey, no contact tables, some with free hand sanitizer, were lining the street.

“It’s actually been really fun and it’s been different, but we are getting through a lot more houses this way and we are interacting with a lot more people. It has been really, actually, nice, at a distance,” a South Jersey mom said.

A skeleton and dinosaur have been eagerly awaiting this night.

“Yes, since, like, September 1st,” their mom remarked.

Despite the circumstances, they were still able to enjoy it.

“It’s been a beautiful night. We are feeling lucky, even though COVID has ruined the rest of the year. It hasn’t ruined the night at all,” the mom added.


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