Unique guided canoe tours help residents and visitors see Camden in a different light

Residents and visitors to Camden are getting a unique view of their city that often goes unappreciated. It's all part of "I-Paddle Camden," a series of guided canoe tours along the city's waterways.

Felisha Reyes-Morton, of Camden, and her nine-year-old daughter, Isabella, are suiting up to explore a different side of their city - it's waterways.

"We are gonna be in the backchannels of the Cooper River traveling from here in beautiful Parkside, all the way up to north Camden, ending at Pyne Point Park," said Vedra Chandler of Cooper's Ferry Partnership.

Chandler, along with groups Urban Promise and Urban Trekkers, organized the paddle to promote Camden's often overlooked recreational gem.

"These natural waterways are part of Camden's landscape and natural resources and easily accessible by small sea craft, but not that many people take advantage of the opportunity," Chandler said.

"Usually, for fun activities, we have to go outside the city. Summer camp she has to go to Girl Scouts all the way in Medford to get the experiences, you know, that we normally wouldn't get in the inner city.

Meditation, bird-watching and relaxation are all part of the two-hour canoe trip through Camden.

"I'm looking forward to seeing a fish jump out the water," said Isabella.

"We have young kids with their parents, we have families all out together. We have some grandparents," said Chandler.

Chandler says Cooper's Ferry Partnership's mission is to revitalize outdoor spaces in Camden and then host family-friendly events to help people feel more comfortable exploring hidden gems in a city too often stained by negative news headlines.

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