US thwarts threat against Pope Francis on eve of trip to America

Authorities say they have thwarted at least one threat against Pope Francis as the pontiff prepares to visit the United States/

According to authorities, they're working around the clock to be ready for anything. Over the course of just two days, several agencies will be working together to make sure the only memories from the World Meeting of Families are happy ones.

Catholics like Steve Maio are watching the security situation around the upcoming visit by Pope Francis closely after the feds say at least one threat against the Holy Father was stopped days before he reaches American soil.

John Adelsberger knows what it's like to respond to threats. John is a former special agent with the United States Secret Service and worked security for Pope John Paul the II's visit to Philly back in 1979. He says disrupting the threat against Pope Francis is just one of many highly complex tasks for law enforcement agencies at all levels.

"These agents and officers are critically aware of what they have to do first of all to prevent it, and secondly if it does occur, how to respond to it," he told FOX 29.

The FBI would not say where the threat against Pope Francis was based. In relation to a papal tour that begins in Washington D.C. September 22nd, and extends into new York Cityb efore wrapping up here in Philadelphia along with the World Meeting of Families.

You can see fencing already going up around the Ben Franklin Parkway near the Art Museum along with heavy gear coming in and the Secret Service released this video showing certain restrictions to key locations.

"These are the most dedicated, devoted, and well trained people and personnel to put into an operation of this scope," Adelsberger explained.