Vaccination site in Delaware County reschedules appointments for Pfizer and Moderna during J&J pause

Rainwater puddles in deflated tents sprawled in the parking lot of Delaware County Community College. It was to be the county’s drive-thru, one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccination site until the pause. 

"It’s a bump in the road with any new product, you run the risk you may have a problem. You just have to regroup," Bill Robbins said.

Sitting in the waiting area of the county’s Aston vaccination site, Bill Robbins was relieved to get his first shot of Moderna.

This site will put 1,200 shots into arms Thursday and bump-up injections this weekend to cover the rescheduled appointments from the "deflated" drive-thru. 

"We would convert these drive-thru clinics to one of these two vaccines certainly it’s a little more challenging because we have to do two doses and schedule everyone twice."

Delaware County has put aside its 23,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson while it awaits word on the vaccine’s future.

As investigators probe the rare blood clotting disorder, they’ll look at the case of a 26-year-old Pennsylvania woman, who the state Department of Health says was one of the six women stricken and treated in a New Jersey hospital.

Lakey Caulk is adept at drawing every last drop of precious vaccine into syringes in Aston. On her ears and around her neck, she sports empty vials to pass the word.

"It’s such a bad thing with the Johnson & Johnson and it gives us a bad rap. I wear these in the community and let people know we’re getting vaccinated. It's ok to get vaccinated," she said.


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