Video: 8-foot gator taken from Philly home gets 'first swim in years' before finding forever home

After 12 years in a confined basement, "Big Mack" is diving head first into his first taste of freedom as his unusual journey nears its happy ending.

The 8-foot-long alligator became Philadelphia's latest exotic animal discovery after it was removed from a divorced couple's basement this week.

He had been raised in a padlocked pen since 2012, growing to be 8 feet long and 127 pounds!

The hissing gator didn't initially appear too happy about his eviction, but new video shared with FOX 29's Steve Keeley shows his mood has definitely improved!

ACCT Philly says this is likely the penned gator's first swim in years, and he's soaking up every moment!

And this is just the beginning - "Big Mack" is currently in a holding facility as he gets ready for a final move to his forever home at an alligator sanctuary in Florida.