Video: Police looking for suspect after 76-year-old man killed on daily walk in Philadelphia

Police have released a new video showing the moment a suspect gunned down a 76-year-old man who was out on his morning walk Tuesday.

Loi Nguyen, 76, was found shot once in the head near his driveway in the alleyway behind L and Claridge streets just before 6 a.m. 

Police say surveillance video shows the Nguyen walking with his hands seemingly in his pockets when he is approached from behind by a suspect in a red hoodie and sneakers. The suspect can be seen running up behind Nguyen, and at some point shooting him.


The suspect then flees down the alley, leaving the Nguyen on the ground. He later succumbed to his injuries. 

Initially, police believed the elderly victim was the target of a robbery. They say video shows the shooting was completely unprovoked.

Neighbors tell FOX 29 that Nguyen was known for his friendliness, and would greet them while taking his routine morning walks. 

Police are asking for the public's help to identify the suspect, who they say is "armed and dangerous." Anyone with information is asked to call Philadelphia Police at 215-686-3334