Video: Temple student slugged during suspected attempted carjacking in North Philadelphia

Disturbing video shows a Temple University student slugged during an attempted carjacking Sunday night in North Philadelphia. 

The video shows the 21-year-old student back peddling down the sidewalk as a group of at least three alleged attackers follows him closely. 

The student extends his arms to keep the group at a distance when one of the group members dressed in dark clothes appears to punch the student in the face. 

The assault draws laughter from the group as the assault continues down the sidewalk and out of the camera's view.

The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed Monday that they are investigating the incident, since it happened outside the Temple Police Department's patrol zone. 

Instagram account "Keep_Us_Safe_TU" said the victim's roommate reported the trio tried to steal his car and threw cement at the victim, shattering his back windshield. 

The group, believed to be teenagers, also threw cement at the victim's apartment, Keep_Us_Safe_TU reported. 

"It's really frightening," Temple Senior Bailey Lychock told FOX 29. " It's very close to me, and it's really scary because thing have been getting a lot worse around here."

Students say they did not receive a Temple University Alert about the assault. The school said it did not advise students because the attack happened outside their patrol zone.

"From a technicality standpoint it’s very fair but from an ethical standpoint you would think there’d be more of an effort there," John Mangan, the curator of Keep_Us_Safe_TU said. 

Temple University has recently found itself beleaguered by rampant crime plaguing North Philadelphia, sparking controversy from its student body. 

Just blocks away from where the Temple student was attacked, Philadelphia police said a group of four carjacked a 22-year-old at gunpoint. They are unsure if the incidents are linked.