Violence prevention group calls on elected officials to do more after mass shooting in North Philly

Philadelphia police visibly keeping a close watch at Broad and Olney Thursday after eight people were shot there near the SEPTA transportation center Wednesday afternoon. They're keeping the street clear of stopped cars on the block as the investigation into the shooting continues. 

"Gotta move. Can't park there," said an officer.

Meanwhile, the outrage over what happened continues to bubble. Eight victims ages 17 to 71.  That 71-year old man still in critical condition.

Ceasefire PA is calling for "renewed resources to combat ongoing gun violence in Philadelphia." 

"I started in this place of horror that 8 people were shot in our city in broad daylight," said Adam Garber. He’s the executive director of CeasefirePA which is the state's only gun violence prevention advocacy organization that covers the entire state. 

"As I thought about it more I realized that almost eight people are shot every single day in the City of Philadelphia since the beginning of 2021 and that probably goes backs even further," said Garber. 

They’re calling on not just local but state officials to bring every resource possible to address the problem. 

"Whether they're hunger or mental health or violence prevention that we're looking at how to co-approach those programs as a violence reduction strategy because there's so much overlap from the physical, emotional, and financial trauma in the city right now."

Garber says the frustration and pain in our communities is real. When people, innocent people can be shot in daylight on playgrounds, porches, and in their homes or waiting for public transportation. 

"I am horrified by it and I think that at the end of the day it is a clear reminder that we have to treat this like an emergency," said Garber. 


Police: 8 people shot near Olney Transportation Center



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