Walmart wants to deliver groceries right into your fridge

Walmart wants to deliver your groceries right to your refrigerator.

The retail chain announced its plans to hire more than 3,000 employees to help expand its in-home delivery service.  It hopes to reach more than 30 million homes by the end of the year.

It currently has about 100 drivers and says it can reach 6 million homes.

Walmart first launched its InHome delivery service in 2019.  Walmart workers deliver groceries and more directly into customers’ homes, including placing items straight into their kitchen or garage refrigerator, as well as picking up returns.

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The workers use a one-time access code to unlock the customer’s door or garage through the InHome app, which pairs with smart entry technology.

The app notifies the customer at every step and a camera, worn on the associates’ vest, records the entire delivery, which customers have access to from their phones for up to a week after each delivery.

Walmart is charging $19.95 a month or $148 for the service with no tipping.  It is selling smart locks for $49.95 for crews to access the house.

The retail giant says the InHome drivers are employed directly by Walmart and ear an extra $1.50 an hour over most in-store jobs.

It says the delivery service is an important part of its last-mile delivery strategy, which includes "creating a low-cost last-mile delivery network focused on density, speed and sustainability."