Washington Woman Creates Realistic Baby Dolls for Mothers

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MARYSVILLE, Wa - Laura Berry has what some might consider, an unusual hobby.

The Marysville woman creates life like baby dolls that she sells online for upwards of $200.

Berry started creating the dolls about four years ago, when a baby doll that she ordered was delivered broken.

After perfecting her technique, which takes upwards of 40 hours to complete, Berry began selling her creations on EBay. Some going for nearly $4,000.

She calls them "reborn babies," and parents can submit images of a specific child, which Berry can then recreate in doll form.

She says this may be particularly special for parents who have lost children.

"That's therapy in itself," she told the Marysville Globe. "They can immortalize what their kid looked like."

Berry's dolls are so realistic people often mistake them for real children. On one particular trip to a local nursing home, Berry said, an elderly man refused to believe the baby was a doll.

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"That's not a doll," Berry said, reminiscing about the experience. "Even the staff was blown away."

Berry has two children of her own, but said that creating the reborn dolls gave her a "baby fix."

She feels an attachment to the dolls before sending them to their new homes.

"I always give them a kiss," she said. "And tell them I hope they like their new mom."