WATCH: High School Student Blows Smoke in Teacher's Face

(FOX NEWS/WTXF)- A brazen act of disrespect was caught on camera when an Arkansas high school student blew smoke in his teacher's face.

According to North Little Rock police, the teacher told the 18-year-old student that he would have to sit in the hallway to take his final exam -- a request the student refused.

What happened next was stunning. Arkansas Online reported that the teacher gave the student a warning, threatening to write him up and have him removed from the classroom.

The teacher tells police he then reached for the intercom button, to which the student responded to by saying, "Hit that button, I dare you."

Then, when the teacher turned around to write the student up, he heard a commotion from the rest of his students, and turned to find the disruptive student taking a drag of a lit cigar, before getting up and blowing smoke in the teacher's face.

The student has not been charged with a crime, but could be facing expulsion.

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