'We are global changers': Imhotep Institute Charter students solve real world problems with technology

Students at Imhotep Charter High School are changing lives through their stem program. Through the use of 3D printers, they are bringing clean water everywhere from Mississippi to Ghana.

"I am one of the first people in my family to be doing something this big," student JaNiece Watters said.

Five months ago, STEM ambassadors from Imhotep Institute Charter High School traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to aid in the city’s water crisis.


Student Musa Wilson stated, "Knowing that we changed lives down in Jackson, Mississippi is really monumental for us, especially as young, Black kids."

Now the students will be taking 3D printed water filters overseas to a town in Ghana, called Kheta, where the water can’t even be used to wash hands.

"We’re going to be helping over 3,000 students across 10 different schools in Ghana," Watters continued.

From water filter design and 3D printing, to product testing and research, each of the students has a fundamental role in the life-changing project.

"We’re trying to produce 200 and it probably takes around seven to eight hours to make one, so we’re getting ahead early," student Cyril Woodland said.

Shirley Posey is the director of STEM at Imhotep and says being proud is an understatement.

"We’re trying to cultivate our scholars to be critical thinkers, to be problem solvers. So, instead of just teaching them about coding robotics, know how you can use coding and robotics to solve a problem," Posey explained.

The students are even taking the extra step of collecting sneakers from their community to bring with them as donations to Ghana.

"When I say that we are young, Black kids, I mean that we are young, global changers in the making," Wilson commented. "We get to eliminate those statistics. We get to change the numbers. We get to save the world."

The Global Changemakers trip to Ghana is in May. People who are interested about the trip or are interested in donating to the trip fund, can do so at a GoFundMe set up through the school, here.