Caught on camera: Wedding workers secretly celebrate Phillies win during best man speech

Imagine witnessing the moment your beloved team cements their spot in the 2022 World Series - and having to stay completely silent!

That was the case for the staff of Cathy's Catering, who found themselves working a wedding during the most crucial part of Game 5 Sunday night.

"All of a sudden it got quiet. I got this phone in my hand, so I tried to hide it so the guests wouldn’t see it," bartender Armand DiGiampietro said.

DiGiampietro, his co-workers, and even a wedding guest, all stood behind the bar to watch Nick Castellanos make the final catch of the game for the Phillies to clinch the National League pennant.

What happened next is completely unexpected behavior from any Philly fan - they didn't make a peep!


"Our excitement, we all wanted to explode inside," worker Thomas Colella said. "I had to get out because if I would’ve screamed, the whole wedding would’ve heard me."

Video captured their hilarious reactions, each one trying to muzzle all emotion, and quietly sneaking away to celebrate out of view.

"All of a sudden they came through the kitchen and started screaming and yelling and everyone’s hugging each other," said Cathy Gunn, owner of Cathy’s Catering.

That "we did it" feeling has been captured forever on camera, and these Phillies fans certainly don't think it will be the last one.

"They’re going to play their hearts out, and I really think Philly’s going to take this," Colella said. "It’s not going to be easy, but I think we got it, I think we do."