Wendy Williams leaves seat open in audience to honor fan who died in Manchester attack

(INSIDE EDITION) - On Tuesday's episode of the Wendy Williams show, the host paid tribute to a fan of hers who lost his life in the Manchester Arena terror attack.

29-year-old Martyn Hett was a huge fan of Williams and had saved up for two years to be able to attend tapings of her show in New York. He never got to attend as he was killed in the terror attack that took place after Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester last week.

Williams fought tears as she pointed out that she had purposely left an empty seat in her audience. "One of the things you may have noticed today is that there's an empty chair," she said. "It's there for a reason."

She went on, "He was supposed to be in our Wendy audience yesterday and today. He saved for two years to have a fabulous time in New York and come to our show. He called it the trip of a lifetime on his social media."

The tearful TV host sent her thoughts and prayers to Martyn and his family.