Wildwood bans alcohol on beach, boardwalk ahead of Memorial Day Weekend

One of New Jersey's most popular shore towns has banned alcohol on the beach and boardwalk just days before the unofficial start of summer. 

Leaders in Wildwood unanimously passed an ordinance that immediately bans the possession of alcohol on the beach and boardwalk.

"This new ordinance not only prohibits the drinking and/or open display of alcohol, but also says the mere existence of any kind of alcohol is prohibited," Wildwood Mayor Pete Bryron said. 

Designated restaurants or permitted events on the beach and boardwalk are the only exceptions to the new rules, according to a press released shared by the city Thursday. 


The ordinance that passed in Wildwood mirrors edicts currently in other shore towns that aim to crack down on possession and consumption on the beach and boardwalk.

Commissioner of Public Safety Steve Mikulski said drinking in the sun on vacation "often leads to excess and unruly behavior, not to mention health risks." 

"This is a matter of public safety," Commissioner Mikulski said. "We understand people are on vacation and want to have a good time, we want everyone to enjoy Wildwood."

Wildwood Commissioners on Thursday also approved a "Breach of Peace" ordinance to help police thwart other disruptive activity around the popular shore town.