Wilmington man's post about encounter with police gets millions of views

"Come on just talk to them and let them go man," said Damieon Flowers in a video he posted on Facebook that's gotten more than four million views.

He recorded it Monday when he stepped in after seeing police question a group of young kids on bikes. He can be heard in the video coming to their defense as police questioned them.

"Y'all didn't do nothing. Matter of fact don't say nothing. You don't have to say nothing until your mom comes," he told the children.

On Thursday, Flowers posted on Facebook that the Wilmington Police Department was seeking felony charges against him and he stated that authorities came to his house but he was at work. In his Facebook post, he stated that he would peacefully turn himself in this evening but rallied his followers to show up to make sure nothing went wrong.

"We don't want no Charlotte. We don't want no Ferguson. We want to set an example for the nation," said one man to the crowd that turned out in support of Flowers who eventually emerged from the police department to cheers and with city leaders and the police chief announcing the news they'd hoped for.

"We will not be going forward with charges on Damieon Flowers as it relates to this incident," said Chief Bobby Cummings. "As you know there are a lot of incidents that are going on around our nation that impacts our community relations with the police and we don't need to add fuel to that fire," he went on to say.

Flowers says he posted the plea for support out of fear because he had confronted the officers questioning the children.

"I was in fear of retaliation. I'm a changed man and I've come too far to lose it all," he said.

Pastor Derrick Johnson helped coordinate with police for Flowers to turn himself in.

"I feel that he's demonstrated and we've demonstrated that when we stand together and work together peacefully we can resolve some of this injustice peacefully," said Pastor Johnson.

When asked why Flowers stepped in for the children he said, "If it were 3 skateboards instead of 3 bikes they would have never been approached," said Flowers. "They were scared and they were afraid. I just wanted to be that voice as an adult."

Chief Cummings also said any issues within the police department would be dealt with internally.

It's unclear why the children were being questioned by police.