Woman, 24, sentenced 10-20 years for running prison drug ring

Prosecutors have sentenced a Quakertown woman to 10-20 years in state prison after she plead guilty to running a methamphetamine ring while incarcerated at Bucks County Correction Facility.

Shayla Hadley, 24, admitted she smuggled a large amount of meth into the jail Jan. 7, 2018, and distributed the drugs to inmates over the next several days in exchange for money deposited into her commissary account.

Officials say Hadley targeted inmates housed in a section of the prison designated to adress the recovery needs of woman with drug addictions. Some of the woman targeted by Hadley were detoxing.

According to prosecutors, Hadley was a self-proclaimed "kingpin" and likened herself to "El Chapo." On recorded prison phone calls, Hadley said that "no one can touch me," and called her targets "junkies."

During trial prosecutors said in one instance, Hadley stood idly by while an inmate had an adverse reaction to methamphetamine and required medical attention.

Prior to sentencing, Hadley offered her "sincerest apologies," for perpetuating the use of methamphetamines. However, Judge Rea B. Boylan sentenced Hadley to 10-20 years in state prison.

"You, in a predatory way, took advantage of the circumstances of the women who were with you," Boylan said.

Also sentenced as a result of the investigation was Hadley's "second-in-command," Bree Allison Taylor, who received a four and a half to nine year sentence as the result of a plea deal.

Aleah Marie Moore, another co-conspirator, was sentenced to two to five years in state prison.

Seven other woman entered plea deals as the result of the drug bust, and two women remain under investigation.

"This case is all about meth, money and malice," said Assistant District Attorney Ashley C. Towhey. "Shayla Hadley did not care one bit about any of these defendants she was exploiting. All she cared about was herself, her money and her commissary."