Woman, 72, arrested for assaulting 90-year-old husband, sheriff's deputy

In Rochester Hills, a 72-year-old woman -- accused of beating up a 90-year-old man and that's not all.

Police say she also got into a fight with a deputy, sending him to the hospital.

Darlene Stolaruk is in trouble with the law, because of what happened at Star Bat Inc. Leasing, the business she shares with her husband in Rochester Hills.

Oakland County deputies were called to the business on Thursday after Stolaruk allegedly physically assaulted her 90-year-old husband.

When a deputy tried to arrest her, she resisted, said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

"They lost their footing and she landed on his shoulder, which caused a shoulder injury," Bouchard said.

The fact that she resisted arrest made that situation much more serious, police say.

"It could have been potentially assault and battery or some kind of domestic violence charge but when you escalate it and resist arrest," Bouchard said. "And the officer in this case gets injured, now you have escalated the potential charges.

Darlene Stolaruk has been released on bond. Meanwhile, Star Gaze Inc. Leasing was closed when FOX 2 stopped by.