Woman arrested for buying guns for boyfriend who couldn't

A Delaware County woman is under arrest for buying two firearms for her boyfriend.

Erika Kulp, 23 of Aston, is charged with the illegal purchase and transfer of two handguns to an individual not permitted to possess firearms.

She is also charged with tampering with public record/information and criminal conspiracy, all felonies of the third degree.

Kulp faces a five-year minimum mandatory prison sentence.

According to District Attorney Jack Whelan, on July 8, a Chester police officer found "a 9mm Glock 26 handgun fitted with a fully-loaded 50-round drum magazine." An investigation found it was registered to Kulp.

That's when authorities called Aston police who told them about a domestic disturbance between Kulp and her boyfriend back on April 12, which ended with police seizing a 9mm Glock 26 and a Smith & Wesson Walther .380 handgun from her home. Both guns were returned to Kulp on April 22.

On Aug. 17, authorities went to Kulp's home to interview her about the guns. Eventually, she reportedly admitted she bought "two firearms for her boyfriend, who she knew was not able to purchase guns because he had been previously committed to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation."

Kulp also confirmed her boyfriend had asked for the guns and paid her for them in cash.

According to the DA, "Kulp also admitted to providing false information on the ATF and Pennsylvania State forms, on which she falsely stated that she was the actual buyer of the firearm when in fact she was buying it for someone else who could not purchase firearms."

Kulp told investigators she bought the 9mm Glock 26 in Dec., 2015, and bought the Smith & Wesson Walther .380 gun six months earlier at another shop, both for her boyfriend.