Woman beats and strangles disabled man for his ATM PIN

A woman breaks into a home in Brownstown Township and attacks a disabled man.

Police say she tortured him to get the pin number for his debit card - and now she's facing life in prison.

Investigators say 34-year-old Nicole Lytton, went to great lengths to get the ATM code from her victim - including beating, strangling and using a weapon to get what she was after.

That victim was a 63-year-old man who is disabled from a stroke who lives in the Tanglewood mobile home community - which by most accounts is a quiet peaceful place to live.

"You got a lot of good people out here and they watch out," said Tom House.

House has called this community home for six years and lives two doors down from the alleged attack.

"I didn't hear a word," he said.

Police say it happened at about 7 p.m. on August 20th. The suspect knew the victim and police say the victim's wife gave her permission to use their car.

It's alleged that she used that trust to beat, strangle and steal an ATM pin from her victim.

The victim was able to give police her information; she was tracked down and arrested.