Woman dies after getting stuck in industrial bread mixing machine for over an hour

A generic photo of an industrial bread mixer.

A North Carolina woman has died from her injuries after getting stuck inside an industrial bread mixer for over an hour, The New York Post reported. 

44-year-old Virginia Lopez Severiano was cleaning the industrial-sized mixer at Azteca Market when the machine trapped her.

When the authorities arrived, they said they spent over an hour taking the machine apart in order to free her. The fire department said the machine was on while Lopez was cleaning.

The Selma Fire Department said half her body was lodged into the machine. 

Lopez was flown to nearby Duke University Hospital where doctors attempted to operate on her arm, but she died of her injuries later that night. 

Lopez’s daughter posted a status update to her Facebook account which has since been deleted. 

In the post, Miriam Amado-Lopez honored her mother’s memory saying she was "kind, funny, silly, hard-working, beautiful, a provider, a nurturer and the backbone of our family," according to the Post. 

"My mom is the best mother a girl could have. She taught me resilience, the importance of hard work, and she showed me what true love felt like. From a young age my mom did not have the easiest life. She started working at a young age to help support her family and eventually decided to travel hundreds of thousands of miles to try to give her family a better chance at a good life," she added. 

A GoFundMe page was created to support the family for various expenses and quickly surpassed their goal of $5,000 within the post’s first day.

The Post reports that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the incident since it is the second death caused by an industrial mixing machine in the same area within a month.