Woman Killed While Crossing Dark Highway by Driver Who Thought He Had Struck a Deer

(INSIDE EDITION) A Pennsylvania woman was struck and killed as she crossed a darkened highway by a driver who mistakenly thought he had hit a deer, police said.

Charlotte Anderson, 42, a wife and mother, was crossing Route 22 in Westmoreland County against the pedestrian signal, according to Pennsylvania State Trooper Benjamin Suchko.

It was raining and foggy and "there's no lighting on that stretch," Suchko told InsideEdition.com Wednesday.

Anderson was struck by a man who was driving home with his wife. "He knew he struck something with his bumper," Suchko said, and he pulled over to investigate.

"He looked along the road side and didn't see anything. He assumed he'd hit a deer and it had run off," Suchko said.

But when the couple got home, they saw on Facebook that a woman had been struck and killed on Route 22 at the same time they were driving in that area, Suchko said.

The distraught man phoned police and told them he may have hit the woman, Suchko said.

Investigators examined the man's vehicle and compared it to the woman's injuries and were able to "ascertain that he did hit her," the trooper said.

No charges have been filed against the driver and police declined to identify him. An investigation is ongoing.

"As of now, we believe what he's saying is actually what happened," Suchko said.