Woman Says Handicap Parking Spots are Being Lost to Hybrid Spots

Deptford, NJ (WTXF) Controversy is brewing in New Jersey and it's all over parking. The debate is over a hybrid car parking versus handicapped parking.

FOX 29's Weekend Bill Anderson has the story.

We've seen reserved parking for expecting moms, parents with young children, and of course handicapped parking, but special spaces just because you drive a hybrid? When a New Jersey woman couldn't get a handicapped space because of hybrids, she thought enough is enough.

Cheryl McEntire McComb was out shopping at Deptford Landing Complex with her daughter last week, after having a lung removed as a result of cancer she needed a handicap spot to minimize walking. That's when a casual stop turned into a larger issue.

When she saw several empty hybrid spaces directly in front she was upset, but after realizing that there were no handicap spots for several hundred yards she wanted to take some action. So she posted it on Facebook and asked who she can contact to complain.

In fairness to the complex ,there are plenty of handicap spaces and they don't appear to be violating the American disabilities act but the placement of the spots is definitely a challenge for people with difficulty walking.

Cheryl told FOX 29 she's not bashing hybrid cars and isn't looking for sympathy, she just wants people to be aware that there really are people who need the handicap spots that so many take for granted.

The property manager was unavailable for comment but social media is buzzing.