Woman Says Headstone Was Never Engraved and Buffed After Payment

PHILADELPHIA-(WTXF)-A Philadelphia woman is up-in arms over the condition of a gravestone marking the final resting place of her beloved parents. She paid over $2,000 to have the marker engraved and buffed months ago, but nothing has been done.

Patricia Monroe was beside herself, she says she called and even visited the monument company, but no action was made.

Every time the Monroe/Stover family of the city visit the grave of Leroy and Lulu Stover they cringe a little.

It was early last November when their daughter, Patricia, plunked-down 2,400 to complete the engraving of her parents information, place their pictures and buff the stone. She paid the 2,400 her at Gallagher Memorials near Ivy Hill Cemetery where they're buried. Ten months later and nothing, according to the family.

Monroe says she was told by a worker at Gallagher the work be done on or before August 28th. When it wasn't, she traipsed back to the office where they couldn't tell her anything, so she called FOX 29

From the documents, we learned Gallagher is owned by Lifestones by Stefan, an Upper Darby company with affiliated offices across the region.

We called and headed for Upper Darby. On the way, we heard from Greg Stafan of Lifestones.

He claimed there were a number of issues at play including: a rough winter and difficulty in having the pictures reproduced

At first, he was unwilling to go on camera, but he did and made a big promise. "We're going to take care of this. For Ms. Monroe, we will refund her money and do the work," Stafan told FOX 29.

Stefan later called Pat Monroe apologized and made the same pledge to her he made to us. He told her it would be done by the end of the month.