Worker killed after trench collapse in Oak Lane

Authorities say a plumber who became buried in a trench that collapsed at a residential work site has died.

The incident happened under their work staging area in the rear of 106 W. Walnut Park Drive around 11:15 a.m. Thursday.

"We've been able to locate the male victim 15 feet in the trench. Unfortunately, he has expired in the hole," Deputy Commissioner Gary Loesch said.

"He was fine today in a great mood today. Basically, came and did a walk-through on the job he told another worker what he needed to do realized he didn't have all the supplies so he sent me and another guy to go get the supplies," the victim's cousin and co-worker Kevin Blake said.

And soon after that worker, identified by his family members as Anthony Smith, was trapped under tons of dirt and cement in the 5x40 foot trench. The plumbing crew had been working on a sewer line underground when everything around them collapsed. Two others were able to scramble out, they tried to help Anthony but couldn't.

"They was digging to get his body out they heard him tapping so every time he kept tapping, he knew they were digging," Blake said.

Multiple rescue units arrived and started their tactical rescue operation. They used a vacuum to remove the debris.

"That trench had re-filled with dirt already by the time we got here so we started a very extensive rescue operation," Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel said

Heart-wrenching moments, minutes and then hours The victim's wife inconsolable and neighbors held out hope.

"We gathered a group of neighbors to pray that God would intervene and all of us with faith that we have that he will do a miracle here for the situation," Block leader Anilda Davila said.

The victim's body finally brought out from the collapse site 9 hours after it all started. An investigation underway,

Smith had two children, 7 and 8 years old.