Young girl abandoned at Philadelphia daycare after class left for field trip

A Philadelphia mother says her daughter was left alone for hours at daycare after the class left for a field trip to a local amusement park. 

Dana Jones and her family picketed outside of Creative Kids Daycare Center in Mount Airy on Wednesday morning to publicize their frustration. 

"This should never have happened to my child and I want to make sure it never happens to any other child," Jones said. 

According to Jones, the incident happened a little over a week ago when the daycare had a planned trip to The Funplex.

Jordyn, 6, was walked into the daycare by her father who even had a brief conversation with one of the teachers.


Jones said her daughter was in the bathroom when she heard the teachers rounding up the students to leave for the field trip. 

"While she was in the bathroom, she heard ‘hurry up’ and when she came out of the bathroom, there was no one to be found," Jones said.

Daycare Director Darrel Davis acknowledged the child was somehow left behind and said they feel awful.

"It was one of those mornings where it was just a perfect storm of what happened, we are definitely thankful nothing happened to the child, she was perfectly safe," Davis said. 

Jordyn, 6, told her mother that she was in the bathroom when she heard teachers start to round up students to leave for a field trip.

Creative Kids Daycare Center has been in business for over a decade and never had an incident like this, according to Davis. 

Another parent who was picking up their child found Jordyn all alone and took her to the daycare's other building a block away. 

"Me getting that phone call, working 30 minutes away, my mind went through so many scenarios," Jones said. "God only knows what could have happened."

She is calling for criminal charges to be filled against the daycare and for the facility to be shutdown. 

The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed to FOX 29 that the Special Victim's Unit is investigating the incident.