Zephyrhills: Potbelly pig can't be pet because it's 'normally raised for food'

The owner of a mini potbelly pig named Lucky is being forced to find her beloved pet a new home due to rules set forth by the city.

City Council members in Zephyrhills told Lucky's owner a pig is not a pet and therefore is not allowed to live within the city limits.

"They won't consider him a domestic pet," said Stephanie Ebling.

The city posted a violation notice on her property informing her Lucky is not a pet because it is "normally raised for food."

Ebling's daughters gave her the mini potbelly pig as a gift four months ago.

"He's not like a normal pig," continued Ebling, who tried to explain to council members that Lucky lives inside the home and is just like any other furry friend.

The city, however, was unwilling to budge, giving Ebling until May 31 to find Lucky a new place to live.

Ebling said if the pig goes, she goes, "But I'm not getting rid of him. I'm just going to move."