Zoo showing off baby polar bear, asking for names

You've seen April the giraffe's new baby boy, born Saturday (maybe more than once). Now, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is showing off 75 pounds of girl cuteness.

Wednesday was the first time the zoo showed the public the youngest member of its polar bear family.

The cub was born last Nov. 8, making her five months old. Her mother Anana actually gave birth to twins, but the other one didn't make it.

According to the zoo, "The survival rate for a polar bear cub during the first few weeks of life is only approximately 50 percent."

In addition to the furry debut, and just like April's zoo, they're holding a competition, asking the public to help decide on a name. That event ends early next month.

(By the way, April's baby weighed 129 lbs. the morning after he was born.)