Battle at the Beach sees N.J., Pa. high schools compete as high school football kicks off

Friday nights are exciting again as high school football is back in play.

A packed Carey Stadium, in Ocean City, for Friday night lights, and an exciting kickoff to a new high school football season.

Battle at the Beach.

"The high school football game is electrifying," Feasterville resident Kristen DiSantis said.

"This is what it is. Friday night lights, you know? The atmosphere, the roller coaster and everything. We’re excited, as parents," Antoine Lovelace, from Levittown, added.

Lovelace came to watch his son, a senior, play for Neshaminy. They’re taking on the home team, the Ocean City Red Raiders. It’s one of 11 games all weekend long, showcasing some of the top high school teams in the area, in the second annual Battle at the Beach, happening next to the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Battle at the Beach.

"It’s picture-perfect today. Got some beach time and get to see the rides in the background. Can’t beat it," DiSantis remarked.

The Philadelphia Eagles assisted with the kickoff event as part of their mission to inspire and encourage the next generation of football fans and players.

"It starts here and then it grows, so the reality is, if you love football, it starts at this level. Kids start to come at a young age. High school, then you like college and then start to love the pros," Guy Horton said.

Earlier in the day, teams played under the hot sun, with the ocean breeze helping, a little bit. Day or night, the energy and excitement didn’t waver. High school football season is here and people are ready.

"There is nothing more exciting than Friday night lights. We live for that every week," Lisa Cassilli stated.