Eagles eject journalist from press box during Cowboys game

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday but apparently had another opponent ejected: a member of the sports media. The reason was confusion over a penalty call the journalists were trying to understand.

According to reports from other journalists at Lincoln Financial Field, it happened late in the game.

At 3:26pm, as the Eagles were winning, reporter Les Bowen tweeted the trouble upstairs was over some sort of shouting match.

Jeff McLane is an Eagles reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bowen continued tweeting a few more times in just the next few minutes.

It took a few more minutes and turned out, there was a penalty on the field that the journalists watching didn't understand. They started asking questions and discussing the situation, apparently a little too loud for somebody.

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Marcus Hayes was also on hand.

Hayes blamed the Eagles' public relations people and tweeted he thought the whole issue had already ended.

Bowen agreed.

FOX 29 reached out to McLane who told sports director Tom Sredenschek his company told him not to make any public statements at this time.

Most in the field predict McLane is going to get a lot of publicity and air time over the situation.

And this is what Bowen is reporting from the Eagles.

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