World Cup: NJ's Brenden Aaronson fulfills World Cup dream as member of US team

It was on a South Jersey youth soccer field where a World Cup dream was realized.

"It’s pretty surreal. Exciting! Just almost like a dream. Because I know that was his dream in the end. And, in the beginning. And, now it’s actually here," dad Russell Aaronson said, about his son.

That South Jersey soccer field is halfway across the globe for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where the proud parents of Medford native Brenden Aaronson will watch their 22-year-old son play for the United States National team on the biggest world stage there is.


"So, on the field, he is ferocious. He is just an all-consuming competitor. You know, he just is a kid that just does not stop," Russell described his son.

Brenden hasn’t stopped since spending his youth career with Philadelphia Union. Nicknamed the "Medford Messi," he recently signed a five-year contract with Leeds United of the English Premier League. But, he’s not the only soccer star in his family. His brother, Paxton, also played for the Union and now plays in Germany. And, his sister plays at Shawnee High School. For his world Cup bound son, dad says his son is also a good guy.

"He’s a kid that you want at your birthday party. He’s a kid that you want at a family get-together. He’s a kid that you want to go to the movies with," Russell explained. "He’s just a kid that is pretty dam humble for all the success he’s had."

Successful enough to have the fictional soccer Ted Lasso send Brenden a barn-sized billboard to support the hometown hero.

It’s the kind of success these future stars are hoping for. So, from the fields of Medford to the World Cup pitch, not bad for a kid from Jersey.

"It’s been a journey for everyone. Super proud. And, we just can’t wait to get over there," Russell added.

Brenden can be seen playing for the United States National team on FOX 29, or on FOX Sports. You can find more information about Brenden and all things related to the FIFA World Cup, here.